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Resources for eye conditions

The following organizations offer information and resources on living with eye conditions that can affect vision:

  • Foundation Fighting Blindness 
    Dedicated to funding innovative research to find preventions, treatments, and cures for inherited retinal degenerative diseases. 1-800-683-5555
  • Lighthouse Guild 
    The leading not-for-profit vision and healthcare organization with a long-standing heritage of addressing the needs of people who are blind or visually impaired. 1-800-284-4422
  • Prevent Blindness 
    Leading consumer advocate for eye health and safety with the mission of preserving sight. 1-800-331-2020
  • VisionAware 
    Helps adults who are losing their sight by providing information, daily living techniques, a directory of services, and a supportive online community.

While Regeneron Pharmaceuticals does provide financial support to patient support organizations, Regeneron does not endorse any specific patient organization. The information provided by Regeneron or these organizations is meant for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace a physician's medical advice.

Need a ride? Rides in Sight can help

Sometimes getting to and from your eye care appointments can be difficult. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, the maker of EYLEA, supports Rides in Sight,* a transportation-referral service.

Want to see if this service is available near you?

Learn more about Rides In Sight

Or call 1-855-607-4337

*Rides in Sight is not affiliated or related to EYLEA, EYLEA4U®, or Regeneron. Regeneron does not influence or control the operations of Rides in Sight and cannot guarantee assistance will be provided. Rides in Sight is not an emergency service. If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Resources for Wet AMD

The following organizations offer information on living with Wet AMD:

  • AMD Alliance International 
    Strives to bring knowledge, help, and hope to individuals and families around the world affected by AMD. 1-800-829-0500
  • BrightFocus Foundation 
    Funds research and educates the public about macular degeneration and other conditions. 1-800-437-2423
  • Macular Degeneration Support 
    Offers information and personal assistance for people dealing with macular degeneration and similar eye conditions. 1-888-866-6148
  • Macular Degeneration Partnership 
    Provides comprehensive information about AMD and supports ongoing research into new treatments. 1-888-430-9898
  • National Eye Institute: AMD 
    Dedicated to vision research that saves sight and reduces visual impairment and blindness. 1-301-496-5248
  • VisionAware 
    Helps adults who are losing their sight by providing information, daily living techniques, a directory of services, and a supportive online community.

Wet AMD Patient Brochure

Download this helpful brochure for information on how Wet AMD can affect your vision, how EYLEA works and more. This brochure is available in multiple languages.

Support from EYLEA4U

EYLEA4U is a comprehensive support program with several resources available to help eligible patients with the cost of EYLEA, whether insured by private health insurance, insurance through a government program (like Medicare), or no insurance at all. You or your doctor's office can help you get started by calling 1-855-EYLEA4U (1-855-395-3248) Monday through Friday 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time.

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