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EYLEA patient assistance program

For patients who lack insurance coverage for EYLEA or are uninsured, the Patient Assistance Program (PAP) provides eligible patients with EYLEA free of charge. To qualify, you must:

  • Be uninsured or lack insurance coverage for EYLEA
  • Live in the United States or its territories or possessions
  • Show financial need (based on total annual household adjusted gross income*)

*You will need to provide financial documentation to support this information.

If I qualify for the Patient Assistance Program, what happens once I'm enrolled?

Once EYLEA4U® receives your application, your Support Specialist will:

Verify that you meet the program requirements.

Send a confirmation letter about your enrollment to your doctor's office upon approval.

Make sure that your EYLEA gets shipped to your doctor's office.

We've got you covered

When your eye doctor prescribes EYLEA, whether you have private or government insurance (Medicare/Medicaid) or have no insurance coverage, you can be confident that EYLEA4U is here to help. And we can conduct a Benefits Investigation with your insurer to determine your coverage for EYLEA.

Support Specialists

Your live link to EYLEA4U

EYLEA4U Support Specialists are your link to the EYLEA4U support programs. They will listen to your story, answer your questions, and help determine what support program may work for you.

Right from the start, EYLEA4U Support Specialists are ready to help by:

  • Providing information about your health plan
  • Finding the support program that's best for you
  • Working with your doctor's office and health plan to help determine your coverage

Getting support

When we say "we're here for you," we stand behind it—online and by phone at 1-855-EYLEA4U (1-855-395-3248), Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time (press 1 for EYLEA, then 2 for Medical Information questions, 3 to report an adverse event, 4 for patient assistance programs, and 6 if you need help getting to and from your eye appointments).

Download the Financial Assistance Brochure