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Retinal disease virtual reality app

Learning about the impact of retinal disease is important for both patients and caregivers. That's why the In My Eyes app is so helpful—it lets you see firsthand the serious effects certain retinal diseases can have on everyday life. These retinal diseases can get worse over time, so taking action can make a difference.

Download the free app now.

  • Available on the App Store
  • Android app on Google play

Experience the symptoms of three different patients* in Story Mode

Virtual reality experience of a birthday party with a retinal disease
What it looks like to have a retinal disease
Experience a retinal disease at the park

From a birthday party to a lunch date to a picnic in the park, In My Eyes lets you see how everyday life can be affected by certain retinal diseases.

*These are hypothetical patients.

See how symptoms can affect your own surroundings in Live Mode

Retinal disease symptoms augmented reality experience

When you are in live mode, it's just that – wherever you look, symptoms appear in your actual view.

  • Available on the App Store
  • Android app on Google play